Quick Start Guide

This is a quick start guide showing how to create a simple project.

Create a new project:
The software has 3 different options for creating new projects:Create a new project from a template, Create a new project from an existing data source, Create a new blank project

For general users, the fastest method to create a new project is "Create a new project from a template" :
On create new project window, select a project from "Create a new project from a template" template list. and click next button, the software will setup database, design, script and print-time variables automatically.

For more info about Create a new project from an existing data source and Create a new blank project, visit the Create A New Project chapter

Database management & Print-Time Variables:
Label Commander users VDP technology for label printing. In an element's content, a string surrounded by a field block <% %> represents a database field, and a string surrounded by <# #> represents a print-time variable.(i.e. <%ID%> represents the database field named ID)  the data of database and print-time variables can be merged into design while printing.
A database is used for storing persistent data. In the software, database can be used to store product info, inventory data, shipping address etc. Use the Database Management feature to manage data or adding new data records into database.
Print-time variable are variables that require users to input data before printing, users may insert current date and time, reading from digital weight scale to print form as print-time variables, the data of print-time variables will not be saved persistently and only available while printing.

Label Designer
Label Designer is a feature enabling users to modify the design of label, it is a multi-layer WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor, it is as easy to use as a normal image editor, visit the Label Designer chapter for more info.

Print Labels
Click on "Print Labels" button, a print form will open, on the top of the print form is the data selection area for database content, you may select a record you want to print. On the center of the window, is the print-time variable data capture area, which enables you to input data into variables for VDP operations. Click Print button to send print job to printer.