Print-Time Variables

Label Commander users VDP technology for label printing. In an element's content, a string surrounded by a field block <% %> represents a database field, and a string surrounded by <# #> represents a print-time variable.(i.e. <%ID%> represents the database field named ID)
A database field is a variable value. while printing the software will replace the field block with content from database. To edit the database content, you may use the Database Management feature.
A print-time variable is a variable that require users to input data before printing, like database field, those data can be merged into design while printing but unlike database fields, the data of print-time variable will not be saved persistently and only available while printing.

To add print-time variables data click "Add Print-time Variables" button on the new element insertion or edit dialog, for more info visit the Label Designer section.

Advanced content format feature for database fields and print-time variables
This feature enables users to convert values of data to text based on the format string specified.
The software uses the dot "." as the separator. the content before the separator specify the name of database fields or print-time variable, the content after the separator is the format string to control how the value is formatted.

For example, there is a database field named DateValue in the database and is a date object and you would like to format that object as YYMMDD format, all you need to do is just add YYMMDD after the separator: <%DateValue.YYMMDD%>
This feature is also able to pad a number object with leading zeros: <%IntValue.000000%>, if the original content from database is 100, after adding the format string 000000, the output value is 000100

Beside for the above format strings, this feature is also support to control the spacing, padding etc. if you would like to know more about this feature, please feel free to contact us.